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Updated quotes on the Italian market


Based on the fluctuations in the value of metals listed on the London Metal Exchange and the demands of the real market, the MercatoMetalli team processes and makes available to the public the average values ​​of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap on the national territory.

MercatoMetalli's assessments for industrial metals at an Italian level

Scrap prices


Scrap prices


Scrap prices

Bronze and brall

Scrap prices


Scrap prices

Electric engines

Scrap prices


Scrap prices


Scrap prices


Scrap prices


To whom there
let's address

Manufacturing companies that purchase semi-finished products
Collection centers that purchase and treat processing waste
Steel mills and foundries that purchase end of waste, raw materials and scrap

material resulting from recovery, demolitions or failures.

MercatoMetalli will show you the best system for delivering your material, purchasing it directly and guaranteeing immediate payment.

Quotations made ad hoc for each individual load of material must be requested via email, telephone or app.

Quotations do not represent what companies will be willing to spend to purchase your material. Other physical and practical aspects must be taken into consideration.

The ratings ARE AVERAGES of the prices of the various commercial categories of scrap. However, real prices also follow other market logics. In fact, the price you could get for sale could be significantly lower or higher.

In fact, each commercial category of scrap and semi-finished products finds its market price based on:
– the quantities requested;
- the speed of delivery;
– availability in competitors' warehouses.

For scrap, the other factors of fundamental importance for determining the price of a load of material are:
– the percentage of impurities of the material compared to the metal present;
– the types of processing that the material must undergo before it can be melted again.

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