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The price of copper scrap.

What influences the prices:

1- Stock market listing on the London Metal Exchange.
2- The commercial category of scrap to which the load belongs.
3- Impurities in the material.
4- The quantity of material available.
5- The location of the storage site.

The main players, who, based on market demands, influence the sale and purchase price.

manufacturing production

recycling industry

foundry and distributor

What is the price of copper scrap?

The price of copper scrap is evaluated based on the prices of the different commercial qualities.
Then the quantity, impurities and location of the load must be checked to calculate the transport costs in order to have a correct quotation.

The amount of the material is fundamental as small quantities require to be loaded onto means of transport, transported to the destination and accumulated several times before reaching the tonnage necessary to be able to deliver to traders of national importance or directly to the foundry.
These steps increase costs and therefore lower the initial purchase price.


The distance between the material storage site, compared to the site where the material will be accumulated or melted, affects the purchase/sale price to the extent that different transport costs will have to be incurred and loading of material.



Il price of copper cable is based on “copper yield”, that is, calculating on the initial weight of the load, the weight of the plastic waste and the weight of the copper obtained, values ​​which are acquired at the end of the shredding and separation process of the two parts.
The price is obtained from the actual yield of copper which is a percentage of the total weight after processing, considering the value of copper listed on the London Metal Exchange at the time the price was set, then subtracting the costs of grinding and disposal of plastics.

Mercato Metalli, with its twenty years of experience in the copper and aluminum cable processing sector, is one of the main players at a national level, capable of best satisfying the valorization of cables with maximum speed and transparency.

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