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loading/purchase of waste produced

Phase 1: estimate of the material present.
Indication of the timing and means necessary.
Phase 2: arrival of the equipment, demolition and volumetric reduction of the material to prepare it for loading.
Phase 3: purchase and sale of the metals produced and disposal of waste according to current environmental regulations.


1- calculation of the tons of material to be disposed of;

2- calculation of the tons of iron and metals present;

3- estimate of working hours and necessary resources;

4- calculation of waste disposal costs;

5- estimate of the proceeds that can be received from the sale of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.


1- Not all companies are suited to carrying out every type of demolition. The equipment, the number of men and vehicles available together with the proximity to the site are determining factors for selecting a company that can carry out an industrial demolition of one plant rather than another. The authorizations of the company that will carry out the work, with the various authorized CER codes, are also fundamental for making this assessment

2-Is there only iron and metal scrap or also sludge, aggregates and hazardous waste? The preventive control of the materials to be delivered is a fundamental step in industrial demolition. It is in fact necessary to check that the company in charge of carrying out the demolition can collect all the materials produced, otherwise you will have to contact another operator.

3- Are there time constraints? Another important factor is to calculate the number of hours that will be needed to demolish a specific industrial plant, in order to respect the deadlines in case there are contractual clauses.

4- Some materials generate revenue, others are a cost. For metals produced by industrial demolition, you can receive compensation deriving from their sale, deducted from the cost of demolition, while for others, especially hazardous waste, you have to pay to dispose of them. So always rely on experts who give you a precise estimate of costs and revenues before starting a job and then find yourself having costs that are much higher than the revenues you thought.

5- Who is the best interlocutor for selling the ferrous and non-ferrous scrap on the site? It depends on the type of material, the processing it will require and the distance between the demolished plant and the recovery and storage company. Different companies can also intervene in the purchase of the material based on the different types on sale. It is not necessary to sell everything at a lump sum to a single interlocutor.

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