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Delivery of roll-off containers

Roll-off containers are the easiest system for storing scrap metal and waste of large dimensions or of which large quantities are produced.
The possibility of being loaded and unloaded directly with specialized vehicles makes it practical to organize the loading/unloading of large volumes of material.
Mercato Metalli Srl with its network of collaborators throughout the country takes care of supplying your warehouse with the necessary equipment for the storage of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, wood, paper and mixed packaging.
Depending on the space available in your warehouse and based on the volume of material produced, we deliver boxes of the necessary dimensions.
The roll-off containers are delivered to your company on free loan for use.
Mercato Metalli then directly purchases the material deposited in the container, offering already discounted prices for collection and transport costs, every time the container is full and needs emptying.

Big Bag Delivery

Big Bags are the most practical containers for storing, loading and transporting certain types of waste.
Typically used for mixed loads, where it is necessary to keep the different types of scrap separate.
Excellent for containing turnings of aluminium, brass or copper and for granulates.
They are also used for deliveries by sea, organizing them inside containers.
Mercato Metalli supplies the Big Bags following acceptance of the purchase offer, delivering the containers necessary to store the material ready for loading to the supplier's warehouse.

Delivery of plastic boxes for lead batteries

The management of lead batteries requires particular attention as they are a dangerous waste, considered as such due to the presence within them of acids harmful to the environment.
Mercato Metalli is able to provide you with free loan for use with legally compliant polyethylene boxes for the storage of used batteries.
Every time the full containers are collected, other empty ones are returned to be filled, thus avoiding tedious loading and unloading activities of each individual battery.
An ideal service for all car wreckers, car electricians and for battery retailers who also collect used ones.
We can also carry out the service at waste collection centers and recovery plants.

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